Jan 13, 2013

CHA & Elles Studio

Oh yes, sometimes I scrapbook too! Last month a brown box made it's way from Washington to my front door. Filled with the latest collections from Elles Studio, I had the job of creating a few projects for their booth at CHA this weekend. If you've always loved Elle's tag and journal spots, she's now designed collections of double sided papers in trendy colors and patterns (seems pink and teal is the going trend this season) I got to play with the Serendipity collection!

They also have lot's of giveaways going on right now on the Elles Studio blog, don't miss out and you check out the rest of the collections at CHA too! 

I felt like this post should have a song that goes along with it too, so here it is. One that I've been listening to alot lately while packing up all of our Christmas crap  stuff. I don't remember purchasing anything new this year and yet I find myself needing a couple of extra storage containers to make everything fit..... story of my life - much to the dismay of my husband. :)  

Sweet dreams and Happy (almost) Monday to you! ~  Tara


Jan 9, 2013

citron faire - update

I wish I could say that our winter break was nothing short of amazing but..... that would only describe the first part of our vacation - the second part, not so much. Christmas was wonderful, the kids and I spent afternoons making cookies, being crafty, evenings spent driving around looking at Christmas lights, it really was a spectacular holiday this year! The week after Christmas though we had some bad luck with various viruses settling into our home. It seemed every time we went out, we brought back a new illness which after 2 weeks of the kids and I being sick it was almost comical - like a bad episode of Punked. You name it, and the kids and I have probably had it. After more rounds of antibiotics that can be counted on one hand, and enough chicken noodle soup to feed a small army, I think the kids and I are slowly on the mend these days!

So, with all of the time I had spent indoors, I put my creative hat on and came up with a small collection of Valentines inspired products for the shop. I love this holiday - any excuse to create using excessive amounts of pinks and reds!

I plan on updating the shop tomorrow morning! I also created a mini scrapbook kit too called Paper Hearts, it's not an overly themed mini and kind of perfect for everyday photos (I'm going to  fill mine with photos of the kids). I'm hoping I can get a chance to work on it a bit more today. (I have Chase home sick with me today, maybe during naptime I can stow away to my craft room - fingers crossed!) 

Happy creative - productive Wednesday to you! ~ Tara