Jul 5, 2011

Guest Blogger: Jessica from Scrumdillydilly

hellooo from the road! Since I'll be away from my little craft space, I've scheduled a few scrapbook/craft posts over the next couple of weeks and I plan on actually uploading a couple of videos of our trip. (yep, you're going to get to hear my squeaking voice. :)) But first! I asked my talented friend Jessica, aka "Ms. Queen o'Crafts" if she would do the honors of being my first guest blogger. I thought it would be fun for everyone to see someone else on my blog for a change and I knew Jessica would put a great tutorial together!! Please say hello to Jessica for me!

Salutations folks! This is Jessica here from scrumdillydilly sharing a little eye candy that is completely, totally and utterly inspired by Tara and her mad paper skills. I absolutely cannot adore her crafty brain enough, can you?

I have a few birthdays coming up and wanted to present the birthday peoples with happy scrappy wee notebooks. Inspired in part by Tara and her mad layering skills and in part because one of the notebooks I picked up has a big blazing word on the front that will not do for a gift at all I decided to create a tiny log cabin "quilt" from paper scraps to add a mad dash of color to the front of each notebook.

I gathered up my paper bits, scissors and my trusty glue stick and began with a mini wonky square.

Next, I added a thin scrap of paper to one side of the square and continued on my merry way, cutting and gluing and gluing and cutting.

I used an index card as my base and added paper until I had no more index card to cover. I flipped the card over and trim excess bits and popped the whole thing into my sewing machine.

I used a medium straight stitch and stitched around the perimeter of the card and then all the way across in a series of rows as wide as the width of my sewing machine foot.

After smothering the back of the stitch-happy paper with double stick tape, I positioned my little bit of color to the front of each notebook and did a little happy dance (along with a wee bit of rootbeer float as it was hot out and I was celebrating).

I think I may be addicted but I am flat out of notebooks. You can whip up your own books with scrap paper, cardstock and staples or cover a series of mini composition books. If yer really brave, you can switch to fabric scraps and whip up itty-bitty log cabin squares for embellishing all sorts of crafty fun. I hope you enjoy my tiny take on Ms. Tara's magic and don't be stranger if you have any questions.


Hilary said...

These are great! I will have to make some as DIY gifts for the holidays this year. Thanks for the inspiration.

x Hilary

Monika Wright said...

so fun, i'll have to try this. found you through pinterest!

Sarah said...

I'm going to do this large(r) scale on a scrapbook page! These are the cutest! :)

Danielle said...

GREAT notebooks Jessica!!!!!! You're fabulous at explaining just like Tara <3

Michelle*G said...

Ok...these are fabulous! Love the bright colors and mix of patterns. Fun way to liven up a notebook!