Jul 15, 2011

scenes from the beach #2

I just discovered that the Safeway's in Florence has wifi. Woo-hoo! and a Starbucks, double woo-hoo! A few more photos of our trips to the beach. The kids are in love with sea shell searching and sea-gull chasing and making sand angels. Yep, those are my children. :) Just a few more days on the Oregon coast and we're home bound for Phoenix. Oh, and I have been taking videos of our vaca but trying to figure out how to upload them has proven a tad bit tricky. I knew I should have read the manual pre-trip! Have a splendid weekend!


Bonnie said...

Lovely pics Tara!

kjerringa said...

My name is Ann Kristin and I've just discovered your blog.LOVE IT! You're sooo creative and you make a lot of nice things!
You inspire me and I want to date my sewingmachine every day ;)
And you take all these beautyful picktures,love them!!!

Ann Kristin,Norway