Jul 8, 2011

scenes from the beach

thought I would pop in and share a few photos. We're hanging out at a McDonald's while I upload photos and the kids can play. It's my only option in this town for a good wifi connection. Beggers can't be choosers I suppose.

I took the kids to the beach for their first ocean experience a couple of days ago! You can tell my kids are tourists because they're clearly dressed for the snow instead of the beach. :) So beautiful but holy freezing Oregon coast!!

Tidal pools are always my favorite, and searching for sea shells. Alaina picked up a wee little hermit crab and screamed and complete terror. It's tough being a kid and growing up in the desert, we're so sheltered down there. Tomorrow will be another beach day for the kids. A sandy beach this time with no terrifying crustaceans!!


j. wilson said...

oooh1 that beach is gorgeous, lookie all those pretty starfish! heehee, I can imagine her scream. too funny! you sheltered desert folk, you.

Unknown said...

Great shots!

Danielle said...

OMG oceans are the BEST!!!! LOVE the pictures of the kiddos beside the rocks with the purple and orange starfish.... perfect :)