Jul 2, 2011

inspired by: the 4th

We're celebrating the 4th here a little early this year and on Thursday I had a craft day for the kids and our favorite neighbor. I decided that we would try and make flags to hang and celebrate the holiday with. Any time I can let my kids create something and they get to use up those paper scraps (that pile up a mile high after each scrapbooking project) - is always a positive in my book!

In creating our flags, I gave the kids each an 8 x 10 piece of cardstock and a pair of scissors. I sat out my container of scrap paper, glues, stickers, rhinestones, ribbons, paper punches and flowers and encouraged the little artists to create their own unique flag.

Be prepared for a mess!

**helpful hint #326: Glue Dots and a stapler will be your child's best friends with this project. I always try to keep our craft time to right around an hour, anything that takes longer than an hour is not going to end well for small children. So, it's always helpful to look for short cuts when working with kids!**

It was Chases' first experience working with children's safety scissors. :) His paper did start of as an 8x10 sheet and got smaller as the hour went on.

flag art by: Chase

Alaina wanted to use a little of everything on the table!

flag art by: Alaina

our favorite little neighbor Shavonne just discovered my secret stash of scrapbook flowers!

flag art by: Shavonne

and finally my flag. I sewed all of my layers to a piece of linen. I love the flexibility of linen! If you're making these flags with kids, make sure you use cardstock as your glue will not stick properly to linen.

I don't have a large flag to hang in the front of the house but I think this littler one will be perfect for our front gate.

Happy 4th of July - crafty Saturday to everyone!!


Victoria Freze said...

ohh, I love the colors of American flag, its stripes and stars! but I'm really impressed by your idea with this stitched stripes and night sky:) amazing!

Britta said...

wow! Great idea, so beautiful what the children created! Love the colours and the stars!

Greetings from germany

the Miss Mushroomflush ;)

Danielle said...

1 hour is definately plenty of time for children's crafts ;) I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of your flags!!!! The stickers, the flowers, the ribbons,...everything is so cute!!!! xoxo