Jan 23, 2009

and just like that....

I'm back! I'm not sure how I feel about Blogger, I log out only to be greeted with an error message, time after time, when trying to log back in. It's what lead to the demise of my first blog..... I will play around with the idea of switching over to Typepad as so many have before.

As for my little Giveaway! Jennifer who left a comment here on the blog, was so lucky to be picked by Alaina who said that she liked her name! :) I'm so excited to be back on a workable routine, and have so much exciting news and photos to share! We're on our way out tonight to celebrate. Be back shortly for more updates and new photos!

xoxo~ Tara


Amy said...

Yay! I only just found your blog a little bit ago and was wonderin what might be goin on but I am so stoked to see that you are updating again!!! Your work is sooo beyond inspiring!! Can't wait to see what you update with! Take care!

Danielle said...

YOUPPIE!!!! I'm so glad you're back Tara :)

Congrats to Jennifer for the RAK ~ You'll LOVE/ADORE Tara's goodies!!! They're the bestest ever :)

I can't wait to see more goodies, photos and of course, to hear about your great news!!!!

Bummer to hear about your problems with Blogger... I love it, and I ended up putting my blog back to un-private :) YOUPPIE... I hope it works ok for you on Typepad if you decide to change!

Jennifer said...

Sweet! I never win anything! Tell Alaina I said thank you and I love her name too. I can't wait.