Feb 26, 2009

Thanks for the great ideas!

So, I took everyone's advice and sorted through everything to make smaller ( & more manageable) little groups! I'll warn everyone now though, that my photos are less than stellar. I'm so use to having alot of time on my hands to arrange my photos and spend the time editing, well, with 2 little ones now, I don't have so much spare time anymore. I'm taking a 'good enough' approach to my photographs this time around.

I'm hoping for Saturday and Sunday to get everything into the store. I've made groups of buttons, stickers/rubons, Prima/Making Memories flowers, ribbon, a couple of smaller scrapbook kits and 1 big-huge one, Jolees, idea books and magazines, stamps, chipboard shapes, titles and journal tags, paper packs..... that might be everything. I love Spring cleaning!!

46 cards of vintage buttons. (I've been collecting these for a little while!) I love using whole cards of buttons for scrapbooking!!

1 comment:

Danielle said...

OMG your photos are ALWAYS gorgeous :)

I'm looking forward to all of the great goodies you'll be uploading :)