Mar 5, 2009

most of my ideas,

start with a combination of colors that I like. I love color! When I was little I loved when Grandpa needed to go to Home Depot, because not only could I tag along with him, it also meant a stop by the paint sample counter. Don't all kids like those paint sample cards?

from this combination of colors:

to the actual products

Fast forward 20 years, and now I just make my own little color samples. I put together a new 'Color Idea' book over the weekend. It's an index card book, that I made a quick cover for (must love random stickers and left over rub-ons!!) and started adding little squares of paper. Combos that I want to remember next time I need a creative spark of inspiration. :) and it's only 3x5 inches, perfect fit for in my bag so I can take notes when I'm out and about.

a page from my color book

So, the next time you're at Target look for a little index book. I also made one for Sketches, I'll share the contents of that one later. Happy weekend!


Big Yellow Dog said...

What a great little book. Your blog and your photos are so inspiring and so full of great color! I may have to make one of these little books for myself!

Anonymous said...

oh!!!! THis is a fantastic idea. I have one of those books, too. And I have so many times lost an idea 'cause I couldn't make it to the scrap table quick enough. {ya know, two days later!}

Nerissa Alford said...

thanks for the great idea! and yes I loved those color swatches. Drove my dad nuts that I had to collect all that stuff :)

Danielle said...

HOLY MOLY have the most creative ideas girl!!! I LOVE this little book :D and OMG all those new goodies and color combinations....yummy!!!!!

Marije said...

Haaa yay look, I found my log in :D

j. wilson said...

oh! i do this too1 mine are on index cards attached to a ring...hmmm...where are they? i like this look though all bound up. must get myself to Target! :)

the80sme said...

You are just so crazy talanted :)
I love to visit your blog and be inspired! Thank you!

Sandy said...

that is such an amazing book!! wow, i've never seen your stuff before - it's just pure yummy eye-candy!!!

emhowl said...

I came to you from Shimelle's party. I've done the coloured paper squares in the past but I've never thought of using a small book for it. I'm off to start right now.
Thank you.