Aug 5, 2009

back to school,

means back to school shopping! I think I might have had more fun shopping for the long list of art supplies than Alaina did.

Alaina had a back-to-school night tonight. She passed an early entrance exam back in June, to start school a year early, so our little 4 year old starts Kindergarten this Thursday. She's so excited, and so ready. I know ever parent says it, but the time really did go by so fast. Alaina got to meet her teacher, art teacher, and her music teacher. She is especially thrilled to be taking a real music class. We came home and she wanted to know where my trumpet was. I got it out, oiled the valves (the heat really does a number to my poor brass and woodwind instruments) and started playing. Lainy could actually make some noise, pretty impressive considering how much air it takes to make loud low notes. So proud of her!

Is everyone ready for back to school?!! For summer to be over? Are you dreaming of Fall already? yes, yes and yes for me. Sweet dreams! xo- T


Tink said...

Our summer only just started, as kids here finished up the 25th of July. It's amazing though, how fast it's going... seems like such a short time till Sept 7th!

But yes, already there are days I'm thinking "WHEN DO YOU GO BACK?!" :D

McMGrad89 said...

Our students don't go back until the 24th, but we go back on the 17th. My daughter go her new flute this week. It made me sad for my flute that was stolen when I played in a little band in Colorado.

Hope your daughter continues to love Kindergarten.

Annemarie (mommyvictory)