Sep 30, 2009

miss me?

It's been a month. One month of more downs than ups, and it was a month that I needed a break. A break from everything, to sort out feelings and adjust to new changes. Thank you to everyone who called, sent cards, emailed and left comments, it truly means so much to know that there is a community of caring people, and most of whom I've never even met irl. Thank you- thank you.

Moving on. I have news. Big news! Back in Aug. I was asked to be an Elite Artist for Bad Girls. I have loved the art they create over there, so you can imagine my total shock at being asked to join the team. Because I believe that most ideas need to be reevaluated, I've decided to stay, and make it an awesome 5 months of creating art challenges and tutorials! Here's a little sneak, coming this week!

They're having a party tonight for the kit reveal! These parties happen on the last night of the month. Promise I'll be better at giving everyone enough notice to join in on the contest and challenges! Oh, you have to be logged in too, so skip over there and register!!!

a project for tonight!

thanks again! I'm still planning on having a Blog Party in the middle of this month. Stay tuned for more fun details! xoxo~ T


Christina Okeson said...

Girl, you are just so seriously talented. I'm sorry you had a tough month, and I'm glad you're feeling better.


bethchien said...

love your project and that sneak looks beautiful!

Danielle said...

CONGRATULATIONS on being the new Elite Artist for Bad Girls...that is FANTASTIC!!!!! Your style is just the greatest and they are lucky to have you on their team :)

I'm sooooooooooooooo sorry about your tough month, and I hope that things are looking up for you soon! BIG HUGS sweetie!!!!

Antonia said...

I hope things continue to pick up for you. I'm happy to see you back blogging so I can drool over all your fabulous creations :)

Congratulations on the Bad Girls DT. I'll have to get all registered so I can join in on all the fun!

Amy said...

So happy to see that you are back and so sorry to hear that you had such a difficult month. Hopefully things will start looking up for you this month!
Congrats on your new endeavor... can't wait to see their site and all of your beautiful creations!
Your work always lifts my spirits and gives me such inspiration. You have a true gift Tara!!

Mandy said...

I did miss you and your always pretty work. You inspire me a lot! I hope this month will be a better one for you!
Congratz with the new team!