Feb 9, 2010

shiny and new

While I'm spending the afternoon waiting, I thought I'd update the blog! I have been working everyday for the past couple of weeks and while I love to be busy creating stuff, it sure is nice to see the light at the end of the tunnel. My term for Bad Girls has come to an end, and I'm super excited about my next job. I'm joining the creative team for Celine Navarro's magazine, entreARTistes!!
I've been a huge fan of Celine's work for some time now, and being able to make pretty scrapbook layouts and projects just seems like the perfect fit for me!

Here's a left-over photo for my very first post on the entreARTistes Magazine blog. This was an extra project that I didn't end up including. I've made a few of these lately, little books for holding notes, tiny photos,and quotes. Just something pretty to hold. Watch for my post this month on their blog!!

I started collecting all of the pages I make in this small suitcase box. I love filling up the box, it makes me feel so accomplished by the end of the day!

one last photo, just a dainty tag I made from a photo negative :))

Peter got me flowers last week. Maybe a pre-Valentines Day gift? I don't think you could ever go wrong with flowers as a gift, and it sure beats the frying pan I received a couple of Valentines ago. ;)) With Valentines Day being on Sunday, I'm having a cute little dinner party for us and the kids, and Alaina and I have some school things to work on. I hope everyone has a lovely and romantic Valentines Day!!


Alicia said...

Love your new project!
I hope you start your shop again soon! I check everyday!
I neeeeed that top tag!! haha

bethchien said...

Congrats!! you are so talented! and those tags look beautiful!

Joanna said...

I can't wait to see your posting on the new project. The tags are beautiful!

Just a heads up too...Chinese New Year falls on Valentine's Day this year. Just in case you are in the mood to celebrate both. :o)

celine navarro said...

We are SO honored to have you join the team, Tara! :)

finnabair said...

I'm in love with your works as always, Tara - I wish I could use so mucjh colour as you - this is amazing!!!

Pretty Arty said...

awesome news! can't wait to read your article, I am a subsriber of this magazine from the very start!

metrochic said...

that's FABULOUS! the projects and the news! I <3 CELINE! and you will be an awesome addition. she is wise. ;) congrats!