Mar 24, 2010

a little crafty this afternoon

I have quick break while baby Chase naps.(I wonder how old he needs to be before i stop referring to him as the baby?) Sweet crafty time all to myself! I am planning on re-opening my Etsy store sometime soon, most likely the first part of April. I have some other deadlines to meet first and then I can focus my attention to my tiny store. I do miss Etsy alot, I've just taken on so much more lately that I haven't been able to dedicate the time it takes to run a cute handmade business. So I'm working on creating a good balance for myself.

I'm having this for lunch today, I love pretty food!

and I'm listening to this: it's kind of the perfect song for cleaning and creating and it makes me want to dance :)

I made lots of tags with vinatge buttons this morning, and now I'm going to finish up some gift wrap sets, paper garlands, tiny felt flowers, shaped tags and the cutest little cake boxes. Happy crafting!


Mama Up! said...

Yum - I like pretty food, too. How do you find the time to make it, though, with a baby? I too often end up just grabbing anything at all because someone is pulling on my pants leg shouting "Up! Up!"

angie backen said...

ok, the problem with well-presented food is that it's almost too pretty to eat! i said almost. heh. looks delish. :9

can't wait to see your crafty stuffs.


monkeyandsquirrel said...

mmmm... that dish looks yummeroo!!!

Lynn said...

You may get told this all the time....But maybe it never gets old, You have such creative talent! I am enjoying your flickr slidshows and getting very inspired. I think your children are very very lucky to have you for a mom and thanks for sharing all your artistic inspiration with all of us.

Anonymous said...

I came over from Jek's. The first thing I noticed was your awesome hair. The next thing I noticed was your playlist. I keep my Mac on mute since I'm in the family room, but then I noticed your playlist! Many of my favorite songs!!! I'm adding you to my reader.

Hello new friend :)

Jessica Loughrey said...

yum! did you make that? it looks so delish.