Nov 1, 2010

Sweet November, Welcome to Autumn

Hello there. Thanks for dropping by! This week will be something completely new for me! Jessica from Scrumdillydilly and I wanted to share a few crafty posts about our favorite season, and at the end of the week, Saturday, we will both be hosting a giveaway. Join me tomorrow night here and fall into something pretty with us!!

Something tells me that this will be a very Sweet November!

What is it about Autumn that makes it so irresistible? Is it the cool crisp air that renews our creative souls and awakens the dreamer in all of us? The golden leaves that lightly dance from the branches of an old oak tree? Or maybe it's the sense of nostalgia, memories from our childhood of magical Fall traditions?

For me, it's a little bit of everything. Although I never jumped into a pile of maple leaves or rode on a hay-wagon as a child, I did,however, visit my fair share of pumpkin patches and trips up to Apple Hill. My grandparents always made the Autumn season special for us girls. I suppose, I see Fall as a new beginning, a season that let's everything start over as something new and exciting again.

Want to hear my favorite song? If you close your eyes, you can almost envision walking along a Maple lined path. The wind rustling threw the trees limbs, and leaves scattered along the ground like confetti.

There's a small part of me, that... experiences some disappointment with living in an area that lacks clearly defined seasons, but as I looked around my home here in the high desert, I started to realize that I had prepared for the season in small, less obvious ways. (I haven't carved out any family traditions yet, but those are sure to come later on when the kids are a little older... and able to travel.) I did gather a small pile of tablecloths and blankets to take on crisp afternoon picnics in the park. My home smells like cinnamon, thanks to a pot of apple cider with cinnamon sticks and crab-apples that simmers on the stove. There's a vintage wire basket full of miniature white pumpkins sitting on the counter of my kitchen. I guess Autumn really is all around us, even here in the desert.

I also made 2 color combinations for this season!! I always decorate my home with the traditional warm Fall colors, but over the years, I've really enjoyed mixing in a few whimsical colors like limes and frosty pink. It keeps my traditional home new and bright!

sunflower - burnt pumpkin - olive green - walnut

frost pink - cranberry - cream - citron

So how do you welcome Autumn? Do you have fun Fall traditions that you participate in every year? Or maybe you're more like me and just appreciate the new season with friends and family. However we welcome Autumn, it's truly a season worth celebrating!!


Alicia said...

Fall is my favorite time of the year!
I love the cool breezes, generally cooler temperatures, boots, scarfs, and falling leaves!
Every year we go to the state fair, which starts the fall season for us.

Michelle Wooderson said...

Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see your goodies.

Danielle said...

I love wearing my warm sweaters, cuddling on the couch with my fall-colored crocheted blanket (that I made this year), drinking apple cider, simmering cinnamon sticks on the stove <3

YUMMY....oh how I love Autumn!!!

That Enya song ROCKS <3

Clair said...

So much to love about this post - gorgeous photography, evocative language and beautiful colour combinations. Really looking forward to seeing how autumn inspires you in your crafting.

j. wilson said...

in my mother's house, growing up, she would cook up a potpourri of cinnamon sticks, clove and orange peel that made the house smell soooo good! now is the itme that i really wish we had our own space so i could play my favorite tunes, simmer good things on the stovetop and generally make a crafty mess...i miss the tiny casa....LOVE your colors and i'll see you tomorrow!

Jen Heninger said...

You do miss alot of Fall SPLENDOR living in AZ, but I can't tell you of the glory I discovered the first time I smelled the orange blossoms, or gazed at the sunsets for days on end (they never stopped!!) without missing a single bursting night of beauty! I have played in the maple leaves, I have smelled the unforgettable smell of decomposing leaves after the first frost, and yet, the warmth of the Arizona sun still calls to me after 15 years! Thank you for your pictures and introducing me to another fabulous Enya song! I'm a newcomer to your blog but intend to stay. (I found you through links from Attic24 in case you were wondering... she's also a wonderfully inspiring blog!)

Keshet said...

Gorgeous color combos!

Bonnie said...

Love your beautiful slide show!
I love fall too, there is something special about it! I also go through my home and whip up a color scheme, bring in some warmer colors, and add lot's of texture-handmade (by me) knitted and crocheted items and lot's of warm blankets.

Krishna Kumar said...

Hi there.. dropped in here while I was searching for some pointers about Autumn in US for a class-room presentation. :) Nice blog.. Thank you..!