Dec 11, 2010

my favorites

If you scrapbook or journal, you probably have at least one page like this one... a list of your favorite holiday memories. My mom and I were talking about our favorites, everything from cookies to music and movies for the holidays. I think a mini journal about my favorites would be a really cute idea!!

Here's my top 5 favorite movies:

1. White Christmas
2. Home Alone 1
3. the Santa Clause
4. A Christmas Story
5. The Holiday

I know I'm probably missing a couple of movies, I just can't think of them right now. :) I love all of the Burl Ives - cartoon Christmas shows. They are still so cute! I'm going to spend the afternoon putting together a couple of new holiday-ish tutorials for my blog and work on a guest artist post for next week. Happy Saturday afternoon!


curlyqmosaics said...

Your Christmas Traditions page is truly elegant! Absolutely LOVE everything about it! Love the Christmas movies...another one that cracks me up is Christmas Vacation...hilarious!

sophie said...

this is so precious!!so beautiful!