Apr 13, 2011

feathers: plumes tutorial

I have a new feather embellishment tutorial up on the EntreArtistes blog. It's a simple little tutorial but feathery and pretty and perfect for gift-wrapping. It's true, I am forever thinking of how to wrap the next gift. :)


Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Tara, that gift is gorgeous, Girly! Can't wait to check out the tutorial.

Hope your Wednesday is going well!

blogauthor said...

How do we make the grey flower? (And how do we make the grey flower in the upper left of your homepage?) I love the crinkly-chubby aspects:)

Joanna said...

Hi there! I think your tutorial is darling and was hoping that you might add it to my Easter and Spring Linking Party to share with my readers. If you are interested, you can go here http://bakedbyjoanna.blogspot.com/2011/04/easter-linking-party.html to enter. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly what I need to finish of my quilt. See http://myheart4him.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/make-bloggers-quilt-festival/. I've never been happy with the vintage mother of pearn belt buckle int he bottom right corner. I've been considering replaceing it. And, this is just the thing!


P.S. I linked to you from Sandy's CedarBerry Blog.