Feb 15, 2012

our Valentines Day

~ in photos! Yesterday ended up being super busy but I did manage to squeeze in a few photos throughout the day!

Valentines tablescape - there's some more photos of our table if you keep scrolling down.

Flowers from the little boy - he smelled all of the flowers before finally deciding on these ones. The sweet part about it is that these don't smell very nice. :))

Bruschetta is always a good choice, it's takes no time to make and looks pretty in a large glass jar!

The Shrimp Fettuccine was wonderful - you can't really go wrong with seafood, pasta and a creamy cheese sauce. I should post the recipe, it's so easy to whip up!

Chase and I had some time to make cupcakes and while they were baking I created these tiny flags with left-over Crate Paper scraps. I'm always looking for any excuse to use up extra paper!

These heart place-cards were a little project I made up for Crate Paper this week! I created a set of 4 heart shaped pockets with every one's initial on the front and sewed a lace/tulle pocket on the back to hold a small 'love-note' written to Peter and each of the kids. Just an extra detail that makes themed dinners so fun!

and I did, somehow, find a little bit of extra time to pull the sewing machine out and make some paper garlands for the kitchen. **the large butterflies are hand cut** I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon making something. I need to come up with a good idea by tomorrow so I can get it photographed by Friday! Nothing like a little pressure to get you moving - right? Happy half-way-through-the-week day!


Nielouphar (Neelu) said...

Everything look so gorgeous and inviting. I could just sit and stare for hours ;)

noomiy said...

i love all of them but the girland is the best! :)

Unknown said...

Oh so cute! Can I ask where you got that BIG butterfly from - is it a die?

Tara Anderson said...

Hi Renee! Those butterflies are all hand cut. sorry! I haven't seen a diecut for that size butterfly, they're about the size of my hand, although if I searched long enough I'm sure someone has a diecut similar to these!

Liza said...

Love your beautiful images. You're such a good photographer...and also a very creative person with art & craft. I'm also an art & craft lover...but unfortunately i don't have much time to create anything. So...your works are definitely inspiring me. Thank you for sharing these nice blog.
And seemed like you have a wonderful valentine. Happy belated Valentine :)

Nicole Austin said...

everything looks so pretty! and that pasta! yum! please do share the recipe! :)

Traci said...

your photos are inspiring and what a great memory you give your family!

can i ask where you got the plate with the doily on it? it's adorable!

Jen Kershner said...

It's all so pretty. I adore that paper garland!

Tara Anderson said...

Hi Traci!

The plates are from Marshalls/HomeGoods. They are one in the same store out here so I assume it's the Home Goods side of the store. I found them on clearance last month!

Traci said...

Thanks, Tara!

amy & lisa said...

SO pretty!! I love your garland! Makes me want to fancy up the garlands I've been working on. :) Thanks for the inspiration!

Mommy Sauri~ said...

That garland is fantastic. And the place cards with hidden love notes. I'd love to receive a surprise like that at the dinner table.

Mommy Sauri~