Jul 2, 2012

vacation mode

yep. in a few hours. that will be me.

but for right now, it's packing for vacation mode. An unexpected virus settled into my throat last week and it totally tossed a wrench into my plans for the week. Now I'm running very behind on everything it seems and a vacation is starting to look like alot of extra work when really all I would like is a nap.

I'm at that point in packing, where you just toss stuff into the suitcase and I figure, if I need something, I'll just have to make due without it. Tomorrow should be a very busy day with traveling, family and getting the kids settled but I am really looking forward to nicer weather! California, here we come.  


Ellie said...

Have a wonderful & fun Safe trip!! :)

j. wilson said...

Yay! I am soooo looking forward to seeing you and the kiddos!