Feb 15, 2014

afternoon set-up

Yesterday, instead of the day being filled with candy and flowers, I was surrounded with lots of vintage/home decor stuff as I set up an outdoor photo shoot. I have about a week of work left, and this coming week will be all about moving/sorting/and selling. I'm planning an outdoor estate sale for next weekend. (Easy to do when the temps are nearing 90 already!) 

I didn't realize this until just this week but you can advertise estate/yard sales on Craigslist and Facebook as well as Garage Sale Gal. We would need some photos though to advertise along with a description of what we were selling. (anything and everything!) So I came up with this idea to create a little country-road-side market photo shoot with some of the things that would be included in the actual yard sale next week. I spent my evenings sketching out the set-up idea as well as scribbling down notes as to what I wanted to include in my photos. 

I love staging photos. I really like creating photos where there is almost too much stuff in the photo and your eye has to wander to really take everything in. Photos that are 'visually interesting.' Two hours later I had the scene set and the lighting was just right for an afternoon photo shoot! 

Not only will there be an enormous amount of scrapbooking stuff at this yard sale I'm also working on creating a virtual scrapbook yard sale.... like a studio-spring cleaning sale. I just need to work out the details of where to put everything (etsy vs. blog)  and get all of the photos ready! 

and looked who came out to help me yesterday. My little buddy Chase, he found a fruit picker in the yard last week and now every time he tags along he'll pick all of his own fruit. I have 2 baskets of evidence right now on my kitchen counter. :) 

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day and a very Happy Saturday to you all! 

xo ~ tara


I'm Sara. said...

Your creativity astounds me (again, as always!) Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures and ideas. Love your blog!

Nathalie said...

Your set-hp is so pretty! If only I was closer I would stop by and buy a bunch of your rejects!!!

j. wilson said...

how dorky am i that i love the old mayo jar? really really love it!

and yay for virtual sales! i'm hoping to do one this year as well! tooo much (crap) stuff!

Anastasia said...

how lovely Tara - gorgeous arrangement!

Brenda said...

hey Tara! I just thought I'd pop in here and let you know how much I miss seeing your posts. You are one of my favorite paper crafters and I have gotten SO much inspiration from you! I hope you and your adorable family are doing well.