Dec 3, 2014

DIY Holiday: Embroidered Makeup Bag

Hi everyone! So this year instead of buying a bunch of gifts - I'm planning on making them! At least some of them! I've been jotting down different ideas this past month and gathering up supplies to make the kids and friends more personalized gifts that I think they will like. This way, I use up things in my craft room that have just been sitting for way too long and hopefully gift-giving will be a little more meaningful.  

Today I'm making a few Embroidered makeup bags, or clutches - they can be used for almost anything! In the Gossamer Blues Bits & Pieces kit   you'll find the Amy Tangerine accent Embroidery Stencil Kit and that's what I'll be using along with the gold and silver zippered bags - found at the Dollar Tree store for only.... $1 each! (I love that store, you can always find little things to DIY!) 

Here's what you'll need for this project! 

 a bag or clutch and the Embroidery Stencil Kit 

The Stencil kit itself comes with everything you'll need to embroidery; the needle, stencil, rubber mat, piercing tool and even 3 types of string! I wrote down the directions on the photos themselves, if you've never given embroidery work a try, now is the time! It's one of those fun projects to grab, sit down in a cozy chair and just stitch. Simple as that! 

After I was done stitching the outside pattern, I knotted my string and thread a new piece of string onto my needle. I like to work with a shorter amount of string at a time. I find that it doesn't tend to tangle or knot as easily this way. Once your finished stitching the inside pattern, knot the string and trim and you're all done! I added a few handmade tassels to mine bags as well, just a little something to add some more color!  

Here is one more idea that kind of goes along with this DIY gift! I always seem to have a few left-over brads, buttons, little embellishments etc. from the kits I work with, and instead of just tossing them into my 'loose junk bin' I decided I was going to give them a new purpose. I used a package of bobby pin forms (purchased for $1.30 for 6) and a dab of craft glue and just added a little embellishment to each bobby pin. I think Alaina will these, they are dainty and perfect for a little girl who loves adding pretty things to her hair! 

Hope you enjoyed my first project! I have a whole bunch of DIY gift ideas to share this month as I make them. 

Have a wonderful crafty day! ~ Tara

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