Jul 18, 2015

walking before midnight

Last week while scrolling through the sea of facebook updates, I found one that made me wish that I was a tad closer demographically to my good friend Jessica. She wanted to know if anyone would like to join her for an early morning walk on the beach. Of course, I sat there on my barstool in front of my own computer screen waving my hand in the air: "me!! me, I want (need!) to go for a walk on the beach! pick me!!!!" No walk on the beach for this desert girl but it did spark an idea: a virtual blog-hop walk

because sometimes you just need to escape, to be outside surrounded by nothing more than the warm desert light of summer and towering cactus plants. Ironically, I find myself craving the outdoor scenery more so in the summer months here, likely due to needing to spend so much time indoors because of the heat. There is an art however to venturing outside in the desert during summer months though that makes the 100+ temps bearable - I've learned to move slowly through the desert and in doing so I'm rewarded with the time to take in and observe the smallest of details in the landscape around me. Taking a walk outdoors in the evening also means that there are far less people to share the surrounding areas with, you're often left with sprawling landscapes all to yourself, void of any other person but filled with wildlife that comes alive as the sun starts its slow journey towards the horizon. It may not be the ocean but the contrast between this harsh environment and the details in the cactus, the colors of the blooming summer flowers and vastness of the terrain is what makes Phoenix so beautiful during this time of year.

Come take a walk with me!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

xo ~ Tara


Nathalie said...

Many of these are breathtaking!!! The desert is such a beautiful place! TFS!

Jill said...

So much beauty to be found in the desert! I love your photos so much.

LoriLyn said...

Tara, you truly have a photography talent! These are beautiful!

~kellyann~ said...

Gorgeous photos! I've never been to the desert, so I'd love to take a walk with you!