Nov 9, 2010

Sweet November Winner...


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Erin said...
Oh Tara you are so talented. I have enjoyed this week so much, I am so inspired. I would love to see what your creative space looks like as well as any winter, christmas crafting ideas/projects. I am also intrigued as to how you layer like you do! Ah so much yummy goodness, I could stare for hours! Thank you for sharing.
PS What kind of sewing machine do you have? I had to retire my grandmas vintage Singer, she just can't handle it anymore. Any suggestions, there are so many options out there :)



~ Erin, please send your address to me,, and your Autumn Journal will be on it's way to your home. ~

*** and for 3 more Sweet November - giveaways please hop over to Jessica's blog!!

(those are the lovely photos that I used for my Autumn Journal.)

Thank you so much for all of the comments! I have lots of new ideas for this little blog! I have a few extras from our crafty week that I'll be adding to my Etsy shop tomorrow night.... probably around 7 or 8. (I need to get 2 little kids ready for bed first. :)) I only have 1 or 2 of everything, but if you'd like something custom made or ordered, feel free to send me an email. I'm always available to talk about ideas!

Thanks again! I'll leave you tonight with a few photos from tomorrow's Etsy update.


Alicia said...

Congrats to the winner!

Cant wait to see what shows up in your Etsy store!

Nicole Austin said...

congrats, erin! what a lucky gal. i can't wait to see what goodies are in store for the blog and i'll keep an eye out for your etsy update. is that a journal kit i spy? i'm crazy for journals right now. ;) what a fun series of fall themed goodness. thanks for the inspiration!!

Bonnie said...

Can't wait to see what is in your your stuff and this week has been great reading your blog, thanks for all the tips and lovely ideas.

Rachel Brett said...

Congrats Erin :)

jacqueline said...

Congratz Erin! Soo lucky! :) Oh and im loving yoru shop update!! So many gorgeous items and your photos are just soo amazing! I truely adore Vintage Button cards. :) Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!

Danielle said...

CONGRATS ERIN!!!! You are so lucky - Tara always has amazing goodies <3

Did I read correctly? an Etsy update?!?!?! WOOOOHOOOOOO I'm sooooooooooooooo happy to hear that <3

patti west said...

Beautiful photograhy!! Best wishes with your Etsy store!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered your blog ...and I am Fascinated ! HOpe I can participate sometime...Greetings ! Andrea from Argentina