Mar 2, 2011

I am..

easily distracted by sparkly things, listening to U2's Joshua Tree album and trying to decide which pretty fabrics I should sew today. What are you up to today?


Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

I am...

getting ready to go downstairs and work out. Got sucked in to Pinterest first, and will now be prying myself away from the computer in order to complete said work out. Haha.

Have a fabby day, Girly!

sophie said...

well ! do you really want to know?!! checking out your blog as usual! reread yet again an article of yours in entreartistes! ( the one about using fabric in layouts!) ,wondering if I should apply for the "scrapper of the year " contest in this magazine( noooooooo chance I could win, so ??...) , read lots of stories to my kids and scrapped a bit! would love to start a quilt like yours! when do you do a tutorial for this quilt??!!

have a great day!!

Bonnie said...

finished off my travel journal to take with to Paris. Crocheted some squares for my sunburst granny blanket. And read your blog!

Ayan said...

just finished spring cleaning and organizing my daughter's baby clothes (she's 3) to start a quilt project! love you blog!
lots of love, ayan

Jody said...

I love your to look at all your pretty pictures and comments...but today I just finished studying for test for work...drinking coffee...listening to your playlist...and am going to do some sewing before driving 45 minutes into the city...thanks for the inspiration!