Mar 23, 2011

some girly stuff

I'm slowly getting back to a semi-normal schedule. That first week after surgery is always a doozy for me. If I could, I would spend every moment in bed sleeping away the days until I felt better again.... but alas, I cannot. A family, pets, and a house all depend on my speedy return to normalcy. :) (It's amazing how much work piles up if you don't stay on-top of it all day - every day!!)

I haven't really taken any new photos this past week, for obvious reasons, and there isn't really a spectacular menu planned for the week... So, instead I thought I'd share a couple of pretty scrap-projects! After all - paper does seem to take up a considerable part of my everyday!

First, there is a brand new project tutorial for the Crate Paper Blog. Emma's Shoppe is, in my opinion, one of the best-ever girls scrapbook collections. They are so many cute pieces of chipboard to use, the journaling cards are beautiful and the papers are oh-so lovely! If you're drawn to girly and vintage inspired scrapbook products, this whole collection is very much for you!

A simple layout I created for CHA. I don't think I posted it yet.. must have slipped my mind! Alaina received this big flowery headband as a Christmas present and wanted her photo taken. I knew I had to scrap some of those photos!

and two projects from last year for entreARTistes magazine. If you're able to get your creative hands on this magazine you won't be disappointed! Even if you don't speak/read French, the photos alone will be worth it!

I'm off to work a bit on a couple of new Spring inspired projects. Paper, fabric, paints and my sewing machine should be a splendid Wednesday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

A looks so grown up in those head band pix!

kim c said...

get well, tara.

i already left some lub at the CP site. love this project.

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Well hey there! I'm so glad to hear that you're at least up and around....sounds like maybe you're covering at least a bit! I'm happy to hear it.....been thinking of you.

Wishing you well!

jamie said...

hoping you continue to feel better.
your paper projects are beautiful.
you have an effortless style. does that make sense? the emotion seems to flow from your work. it is a joy.

Angie said...

i'm so glad you're feeling better day by day and definitely glad you're well enough to play with paper. otherwise, i'd have nothing to swoon over and my life would seem so empty. ;)

also, i love your menus. makes me wish i wasn't too lazy to cook. heh.

hope you're back to your normal self soon! sending speedy recovery vibes your way. ♥

Christine said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous creations, your DD is such a cutie!

sophie said...

really hope you are feeling better ! being a woman and mother is so demanding!
I love your project ! it is gorgeous!
you are one of the reasons why I subscribed to entreartistes magazine! the last layout is one of my all time fav::

Unknown said...

so I've been sent to your blog from one of my friends on! can I say absolute love immediately... so inspiration and beautifully designed blog. grabbed me immediately. I always love a new blog to follow... and I'll be checking back often. Thanks Susan

Kimberlee said...

Your blog is just beautiful. :) I found you from Pinterest as well. LOVE Crate Paper, so I'm off to check out the tutorial. :)