Dec 12, 2012

a hazy shade of Winter

Want to see one of my favorite color combinations right now? :)

I'm not much of a purple kind of girl. I like it but I never seem to use the color in any of my work and it's not a color that I wear..... but this combination reminds me of Winter and January. What do you say, thumbs up or down to Purple?

 I have a girls day planned for Grandma and myself tomorrow, I think I may try to pick out something in an amethyst or lilac shade.... even if it's only a sheet of paper. I'm always up for a color challenge! 

xo ~ T

1 comment:

Anastasia said...

I adore purple - its my favourite shade...from the palest lilac to the deep eggplant purple black - beautiful!! I might try out your challenge too!