Dec 11, 2012

a Phoenix Winter

It's easy to forget that it's mid December when you live in the desert. Mother Nature seems to skip over us each year and instead of bringing snowy grey days, we get clear skies and lots of flowers. I can't really complain about either! The Great Grandparents are visiting this week from Washington (another reason to love the desert in the Winter time - everyone wants to come visit!) and on Sunday we went down to their Hotel (this particular Sheraton is one of my favorite places to stay in Scottsdale the grounds are gorgeous!) to hang out with Grandpa Howard and Grandma Judy, soak up a little sun, and take advantage of the pool..... in other words: the recipe for a perfect Sunday afternoon!  

I spent all of last week asking Chase if he knew who was going to come visit us, sometimes it helps to prepare him in advance for changes to his schedule. We also think it helps him to not be so shy and upset.  The first time I asked him, he answered Mickey Mouse?  *Laugh* and then at some point he decided that Grandpa Howard and Grandma Judy were just as good as Mickey & Minnie. He also decided they were coming here to celebrate their birthdays. So, we got to hear him practice his Happy Birthday song for his Great Grandparents for days! :)  


Hope you having a great start to the week! 
xo ~ Tara


Unknown said...

I love the winters here in AZ too. I lived in Alaska during my childhood. Thankfully after a year and half we moved back to Texas and I vowed I would never live in those frigid conditions when I grew up.
Looking forward to the "storm" that headed to the valley this weekend.

claudia shadler said...

I've been to AZ once, coming from a tropical climate, even for me it was hot! sounds like winter in AZ is well, rather warm! cute video of yer lil boy Chase saying HB!

C :)