Oct 23, 2013

family nature day

(Long time, no time for blogging... I have a good explanation but that's a whole other long post and today is just for photos!)

 You know what's really pretty this time of year? Sedona, AZ, especially along Oak Creek Canyon. Yah, I know, I say that every year but it's one of a few places that I never grow tired of seeing. Fall though, is still the prettiest up there.  When Peter's plans on Monday fell through  leaving us the whole day free to do what we like, it didn't take much coaxing to convince every one that a day out in the woods was exactly what we needed. 

One warm October afternoon, fresh pine scented air, a winding woodland trail and my little family out exploring together. 

This time of year on the trail, the cool wind blows along the canyon's winding creek, sending the orange and yellow leaves above to float through the air. Chase said it was raining leaves. The West Fork trail is always on my Fall to-do list, and with lot's of new photos I'm thinking that a little Fall-mini scrapbook could be in order! 

Happy Wednesday to you all! 

xo ~ Tara


Claire @ Gemini Nutrition said...

lovely to see you back :)

gorgeous photos .

claire x

Bonnie said...

Wow, what a beautiful place! Those mountains and rock face-just incredible. I so enjoyed looking at your photos today, so thank you for sharing. Just a quick question: Are you perhaps going to be doing your sweet November again this year? I love it!