Oct 29, 2013

The best of Oregon

I've had such a hard time getting these photos posted and not in any technical sense (although, I would have loved being able to blame it on a technical glitch) sadly enough, I just haven't been interested in editing any more of them. It gets to the point where I literally feel as though I'm going to blow a gasket if I have to edit one more photo. Editing photos is just not my forte. 
But, the kids and I had a great time in Oregon! I had invited these friends to come up and meet us at the house for a long weekend. Got to say, vacationing with friends is alot of fun! Everything is more fun with friends, getting to explore the beaches at low tide, wandering through antique shops, painting drift wood, even making dinner - all better with friends by your side! 

Jessica did a much better job at taking & posting photos of our time together, you can see them herehere and here. (I bet she has more photos posted somewhere, I'll have to ask where they're hiding). Oh and I should also mention that my kids completely forget about me in favor of Jessica and Jeff when we are all together, which explains my lack of photos of them and how they pop up often in Jessica's photos. 

(all photos taken in & around Florence, OR)

I'm getting ready for another quick post on Thursday! Sweet November will be back, revamped and hopefully a tad more interactive than our previous editions. See you Thursday!


Bonnie said...

Editing photos can be tiresome. I am convinced your photo's would be as awesome without the editing too. They are stunning. Love that sweet November is back!

j. wilson said...

yer top bridge photo has me over the moon! gorgeous! quick, let's hop in the cars and go back right now! such a good, sweet, easy, lovely time!

p.s. i need another life...like 16 of them.

Keshet said...

Stunning photos! You are a beautiful photographer!