Dec 5, 2013

diy ideas: Holiday Gift Tags

It's easy, with all the hustle & bustle going on around us, to forget about the little details of the holiday. Things like gift tags! You wrap a gift, make it as pretty as possible and then remember that you don't have a gift tag to attach! Here are 6 simple gift tags that you can probably make with just the random craft items sitting on your desk right now! 

I'm doing a natural/gold/silver decor this year for Christmas and I made my gift tags to match. I'm also forgoing the traditional wrapping paper in favor of recycle-friendly newspaper! But I think I will make a set of these in bright reds & pinks though. (I bet they would even photograph better than these too!)

gift tags DIY

* use a paper punch to punch out a snowflake on a gift tag, glue scrapbook paper onto the back of the tag (I used a glitter paper)
* hand sew a glittered floral stem (they have lots to choose from in craft stores right now!)
* sew a punched snowflake onto a gift tag
* sew leftover chipboard letters, the first letter of each persons name onto a tag
* cut out 3 circles from felt, sew them from large up to small for a quick snowman tag
* sew pieces of fabric starting with longer pieces on the bottom up to smaller pieces on top for a fabric tree

{{DIY ideas is going to be a little mini-series this month. I have a few more post ideas that are Holiday theme-ish. Hope you enjoy them! xo ~ Tara}}


j. wilson said...

so pretty! are these going to be your colors? twins! i'm going with lots of white and bits of charcoal, hemp, and gold. ;)

Angela said...

these are gorgeous! i just blogged about the little details, too. i've been making gift tags out of scraps of supplies i have building up, and you inspired me to make some more detailed ones this weekend :). i think i have the same gold floral stems too!

Anonymous said...

Every single tiny detail you craft up is always amazing!

J9nKidz said...

Wow I am seriously crushing over your creative blog space here! I look forward to searching further through your archives and the possibility of you sharing through January 2014. Life gets super busy sometimes! Hope you & your family have been well over the holiday season just passed. New follower, Jeanine from Canada