Dec 1, 2013

Hello December!

I have a clove and chestnut candle burning, The Holiday playing on tv and the living room is lit with the soft light of a glowing white Christmas tree. Let the season begin! 

We all got up this morning and made our way out to the flea market. While we were wandering up and down the isles, I was busy making a mental list of all the things I want to be sure and make time for this month. So, here's my list! (so far) 

10 simple things to-do this month with kids

- spend one night making cookies together, pull out all of the sprinkles, frosting, icings and let them be creative

- on a weekend afternoon plan to make an ornament (or a few) together, or include some of their friends/neighbors

- get bundled up and go out looking at Christmas lights 

- if you're out and about shopping, take a break at a cafe for hot chocolate

- have a Friday night movie night, wear pjs, set out blankets, make popcorn and watch a holiday movie as a family

- let them make their own thankyou cards ~ set out scrapbooking paper, glue sticks, stickers, markers, scissors and blank cards

- while you have out the scrapbooking supplies, use a paper punch to make gift tags and let the kids decorate their own gift tags

- start a 'boxing day' tradition, use a large box and encourage them to give away toys/clothes that they've outgrown

- on the first night of their winter vacation let them choose the menu for dinner

-  play the "Mystery Holiday Words" game. Think of a holiday word, then give out 3 clues to what your word is. (We play this game alot while driving & running errands) It's fun and passes the time by quickly! 

I've been creating a list of tutorials I want to do this month but first, I need to get this house decorated. We've decided on a silver and gold theme for the house and the kids' tree will be a red & pink candy/dessert tree this year. So many fun things to do this season! 

Goodnight and Happy December 1st! 

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