Apr 8, 2015

2 Tiny Photo books

Since Mother's Day is almost upon us, I wanted to get started making a few quick gifts for the Grandma's this year. I decided on the idea of making small mini album of the kids' photos from this past year. I love small albums!!! - they fit in your hand and they are super convenient to take along with you (in case Grandma wants to show off photos of the grandkids :) and you can make them in a matter of hours! 

I used this Gossamer Blue kit from March to complete Alaina's tiny book. I loved the pretty combination of colors and graphics - perfect for a little girl!   

 I made one for Chase too using lots of Basic Grey products. I tried to photograph his book but I didn't like the photos even after editing them. Using the same simple page construction as Alaina's book, Chase's book has a total of 12 pages with every other page as a photo page. I think his book took a little longer to make, I had arrange and then rearrange lots of little embellishments until they were just right!

Hope you  have a fantastic afternoon! We have plans to visit an outdoor museum today. I've managed to keep it a secret from the kids as I know they've been wanting to go and visit this Rock Garden. Adventure #2 this week - here we come! 

xo ~ Tara


vintage girl at heart said...

love both of these so much! i am sure the g'ma's will too!
enjoy the museum!

Jamie said...

These mini albums are such a great idea and they turned out so cute!

Unknown said...

Es un. Álbum muy,muy bonito. Me encanta!