Apr 18, 2015

Going Green - Lime Green juice recipe

This past summer was really a turning point for me as I implemented a whole new healthy goal complete with a diet overhaul and a rigorous daily workout plan. Tired of feeling tired and ran down, I sat outside in the front yard one evening with some other neighborhood moms, chatting while our kids played together. I was playing with the idea of purchasing a juicer but still not convinced about the price or if I would even like blending my fruits and veggies together, so I was interested in others opinions. It seems as though everyone owns a juicer these days - but it also seems that not everyone likes to use it. I had to wonder why. I made a mental note, a promise really to use mine (once I picked one out) more than just once before I banished it to the appliance graveyard - that cabinet in everyone's kitchen full of once loved barely used appliances that were purchased with good intentions or while watching a tv infomercial. 

Yep, I could do this! I could be the person that drinks their salad rather than eating it! 

I finished the summer almost 30 pounds lighter, (it took me about 3 months) and in the best shape I'd ever been in. I'll compare it to being 15 again and running track everyday. I felt great and had lots of extra energy - something being a mom doesn't always allow for and I did it all the old fashioned way - just a green diet (I ate 3 meals, snacks and juice everyday, I didn't do just a juice diet) and exercise and to think it started with one simple green juice recipe! As time has gone on, I've created a note book full of scribbled down recipes and notes for different juice recipes. Sometimes they work out and some are just undrinkable. Trial and error! It's interesting when you find something that works, everyone wants to know how you're doing it and I must have sent out at least 50 emails full of recipes and my workout schedule. But I like the idea of adding the recipes to my blog and then I'll pinned them all to a board on Pinterest, that way I'll just direct people to one spot. Easy-peasy! (Plus I like to see a photo of each one, I judge recipes by the photo :)  

Lime Green Juice  

1/2 a peeled cucumber
2-3 cups spinach leaves
1 apple
1 sprig mint 
juice from half a lime 
1 guava
1 cup pineapple
1 inch peeled piece of ginger
1 cup broccoli*

Add all ingredients to a juicer and enjoy! This amount of fruit and veggies will make 1 serving of juice, or 1 full mason jar. If you dilute it with some green tea you could make 2 servings! 

*I know what your're probably thinking the ingredients were doable until you read broccoli. Here's the thing though, I add broccoli to almost every green juice I make because it's super healthy for you - high in vitamins A, K and D. Vitamin D is especially important for me as I tend to tow the line of a deficit. There is a trick though for drinking broccoli: make sure you have the freshest broccoli possible, it should be firm and not have a strong smell. I find that the firmer/fresher it is I won't be able to taste or smell it. Also, the fruit you choose for your juice will cover the taste, usually pineapple or apples will do the trick to cover the taste of broccoli. Still not convinced? Add one small piece at a time and then try your juice to see if it's something you will like. There's nothing worse than making a whole glass of juice only to taste it and not want to drink it. 

Now that it's almost summer time again and school is starting to wrap up, I'm preparing to submerse myself back into a daily gym routine and I'll admit I'm actually kind of excited about it! Living in the desert during the summer when temps can reach 120 limits the possibility of doing anything outdoors during the day. There's  really nothing to do but spend the afternoons in the gym - at least it's air-conditioned! Plus it just feels good to work so hard and be able to see results - it's vain but true. 
Do you have a favorite green juice recipe? I plan to hopefully add a new one maybe each week to the blog and I'd love to try yours or at least hear what you think is a winning combination of fruit and vegetables!  

Have a wonderful Saturday!! 
xo~ Tara

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