Mar 15, 2011

menu time

I don't know why today continues to feel like a Monday. I should have posted this yesterday but Tuesday is the new Monday in my book. :)

Grilled Chicken
Greek Pasta salad
fresh melons

mini Grilled Pizzas

7 Layer Burritos
Spanish Rice
Honey Dew melon and blueberries

bbq pulled Pork sandwiches (I hate this type of pork, but since I can't eat anything that day, I figured it would be perfect to make for everyone else. :))

Garden Lasagna
Italian Salad
garlic bread

Chicken Casserole
fresh fruit salad


This week is all about ease and planning ahead. I have another surgery scheduled for Friday morning.... I know it probably sounds familiar right? At least for me anyway. I'm so over it!! I've joked with my Dr. that because this is the 3rd surgery in 10 months I've now reached my limit. So no more.

For that reason, I've put a couple of casseroles and one crock-pot meal on the menu this week. It takes me a few days to bounce back from any surgery I've ever had, so I figured I'd help Peter out and try to make enough so that he has left-overs. I plan on measuring and chopping everything prior to Friday and that way Peter can put together dinner for him and the kids. I think a good-classic casserole is Lasagna. It's such an easy dish to make and yet no one makes it the same way. Have you noticed that? Since there's not a recipe really here's a list of what's in mine:

Tara's (almost) Garden Lasagna

Italian Sausage
diced eggplant
diced zucchini
diced onions
frozen chopped spinach
chopped mushrooms
1 jar of garlic and onion spaghetti sauce
shredded mozzarella
oven ready lasagna (noodles)

If I had company, I would make my own sauce and use 2 types of meat, but Peter is pretty easy to please so I can keep it simple. I sauteed all of my vegetables together and then cook the meat separately. Once everything is cooked through, I mix the meat, vegetables and spaghetti sauce together and then start the layering process with noodles, cheese and the meat/veggie mixture. I love lasagna and it keeps well as a left over for the net day too!!

Want to share what you include in your lasagna recipe?


Meghann Andrew said...

That lasagna sounds yummy! My hubs is English, and they make their lasagna with bolognese & cheesy bechemel sauce, so that's what we usually do around here. Good luck with your surgery. I will be thinking of you!

Anna said...

i'm in australia, so i make my lasagne with kangaroo - it's cheaper and healthier than other meats, and has a great taste when you cook it right (lasagne is right... ;) ).

lots and lots of basil, too - lasagne needs basil, i think.

Dawn McVey (dawnsing) said...

Sweet Tara,

Just wanted you to know that I'll be praying for you -- for peace before the surgery, for the surgery itself on Friday and as you recover. Wishing you a speedy recovery. Hang in there, Dearie! Sending you cyber hugs and lots of love!


jamie said...

another surgery! oh my! bless you.
I am starting to look forward to your menu posting. They are inspiring to me. And do you put your own photo inspiration piece together! I love them!

Anonymous said...

Another surgery Tara? I had no idea..did I miss it some where? Will be thinken' of you - you know that!! I love the weekly menu - I should try to do something like this at some point to save on buying groceries. If only I were keen on cooking :)