Jun 3, 2012

Some songs were made for running.

 Back in highschool one of my track coaches explained that we would focus on running better if we all chose a theme song to run to. The idea made sense to me and throughout my days on the track team, I had only one epic classical song that I loved (and still do!). When I moved away to Hawaii, the new scenery deserved a new running song and so I chose this loud rock song that was surprisingly effective in motivating me to run up and down the hills in Kaimuki & Kahala. 

While I was out there, in Honolulu, my room-mate Tina re-introduced me to some of the older bands that my parents has listened to. After-all it isn't cool to like the same groups that your parents liked, but somehow being a teenager and discovering the bands on my own, with a little help from Tina, made it more acceptable. 

So this weeks running song is brought to you by Simon & Garfunkel. I found their record last week at a Goodwill and I remembered how much I had enjoyed their music. Especially this song! 

Thank you Tina, where ever you are, I owe my motivating theme song of the week to you! For you runners/walkers out there, what 1 song do you find yourself putting on replay while you're out?


Cindy Lyles said...

dang I have a few - I wonder if the BPM on these is similar and that's why they work for me. Rain by Creed; Sound of Madness by Shinedown; Don't Tell Me You Love Me by Night Ranger; Immigrant Song; Led Zeppelin. I'll bet the scenery was amazing - you are very lucky to be able to do hill work there!

Tara Anderson said...

ok, so I'll admit 2 other songs, only because you mentioned Creed 1st. ;) I love the song Bullets by Creed, Right Now by SR 71, and Hinders rendition of Born to Be Wild.

I haven't heard Shinedown, I'm going to go check them out now ~ Thanks!