Jun 15, 2012

on my desk

I'm currently working on a travel journal for our trip next month. I haven't yet decided how I'm going to finish it. I'm sort of on the fence about using this album because I have a few Hambly transparencies that would be lost if I go the post bound route. Decisions, decisions. I've managed to make 24 pages in about 2 afternoons, they are only 6x6 pages but I love how quickly mini's can come together! 
 I went with a very neutral collage theme for each page. Lots of small papers layered and sewn together to make a base for our photos. I used mostly repurposed paper scraps with just a little actual scrapbook paper mixed in. My goal was to keep all of the pages as flat as possible which meant only paper could be used. If you're familiar with my style of scrapbooking, you could probably guess that it was a tad bit challenging for me... I love using embellishments! 

I'll share the photos of each page later on... I think I'll photograph it before I add photos to each of the pages and then re-photograph it after our vacation. :) It's probably one of my more favorite minis that I've made! So that's what I'm working on right now - what's on your desk?


Bonnie said...

It looks gorgeous!! I love the layers! Cannot wait to see each page!

Unknown said...

love your desk! it looks like such a fun place to work and be inspired at. i can't wait to see all the pages you put together. i think the 6X6 pages are perfect and that red album is very pretty. i wish you a wonderul trip :)


Lissa said...

Beautiful mini!! I adore your desk!!! Looking forward to seeing more pages!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!! =)

Alixandra Lewis Adams said...

I love this mini! (and all your work as a matter of fact). You really are an artist with paper! I make sure to keep up on your blog and thus keep up on being inspired. On my desk, since you asked, is a photo of my dogs, a hand-made half-done scarf project, and 45 developed instagrams. Thanks for asking :) have fun on your trip!

Olga said...

Oh it's so beautiful! Can't wait to see every single page in details!