Jun 12, 2012

all wrapped

I realize it's a bit late being that we're almost 2 weeks into June but better late than not 
at all! Almost as much fun as my color challenge posts for Crate Paper, my gift-wrap posts are becoming an anticipated favorite of mine. I have one more post for June and then we take off the month of July for CHA and I get to spend the month in California! 

Speaking of which, I took Chase with me today to run a few errands and I wanted to pop into a Goodwill to look for a few books to take along with me on the trip. (2 hour plane ride, each way and an 8 hr. car trip up to the Oregon house.) I didn't find any new books but Chase on the other hand found all sorts of perfectly random treasures. 

Goodwill: the only store you can go into looking for something specific (books) and walk out with a pink miniature plastic grocery cart and green maracas. 

Oh well, we had fun though and Chase is currently running through the house happily pushing along his little pink shopping cart. :) I'm going to start organizing some stuff for our trip, making lists, and starting to plan out our vacation. I'm so excited, July can't come fast enough!   

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