Nov 15, 2013

sweet november: leaves

Leaves. Paper leaves vs. real leaves. I've taken quite a few photos of the real variety this season, so today's focus will be on the paperish kind!  

 I wanted a quick and simple garland to string up around my chalkboard and I wanted to use something that I had on-hand. I had plenty of different leaves to choose from, but I opted for these brown crepe leaves. (I think I found them at the dollar store last year!) They had a longer wire stem, which made it really easy to tie together using some silk seam binding. I just made a knot at each of the leaf stems. In all, I probably spent 5 minutes making a Fall garland for our front entry! Quick projects are the best!  

Little hands are seemingly always drawn to chalk. I smile as I type this, because no matter how many times I erase my chalkboard globe and re-write my welcome sign it's a sure bet there will be little kid finger smudges in the chalk. I'm also pretty sure I did the same thing as a kid... apple doesn't fall too far from the tree in this family! Here's another idea for crafting something this season! I believe I bought this bird while out antiquing with Jessica while she was visiting us down here in the desert and no, I didn't absolutely need another bird, but I knew eventually I'd think of something good to do with it!

I started off scrapbooking last night with the idea that I would only use vintage fabric and some paper leaves. I wanted to be able to scrapbook a few more layouts but today got the best of me. (I'll try it again this weekend!) Since we've been out hiking a couple of times this season, combined with the kids' photos, I thought putting together a Fall scrapbook would be fun!


I'm off to do some tidying up and then I'm going to get a jump start on tomorrows prompt! Hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead of you! 

xo  ~ Tara


j. wilson said...

so happy! i love your vintage scrap pieces. sigh. makes me smile!

Pearl Maple said...

Thanks for sharing all your creative inspiration, repainting the figurines is a fun idea and blending texture of fabric into your projects makes them really intersting

Autumn Hathaway said...

Love the name tags/cards with the vintage fabric.

claudia shadler said...

lovely cards and table place cards. I think your lil girl could do modeling, lovely pics! C

Anastasia said...

love these - so creative Tara...gorgeous work!