Nov 23, 2013

sweet november: on screen + (giveaway winner)

Today was a really lazy Saturday. We cleaned, I cooked, we ran errands, the kids played and then we settled in to watched Sister Act. Apparently, I've never had them watch it before. Alaina is in choir this year at her school and she seemed to really like the movie, so much so that she stuck around to watch part 2. I loved both of those movies! 

Tonight, I was able to work for a few more hours on my Christmas collection for the shop - it's very pink this year! There was a brief break in the work when a stuffed dog had a minor emergency and needed his ear sew back on. (Chase's little face as he peeked around my craft room door "Mommy, my dog needs help, tears in his eyes as he held some of the stuffing in his hand. He has me wrapped around his fingers, he is so sweet.) I'm hoping, fingers crossed that the sun make an appearance for decent photos, I'll be adding everything to the shop mid week. Taking photos, I think, is the most exciting part for me. Love seeing everything come together!

As for the winner from last nights post.... congrats to: 

Sandra Flores said...
Rain outside, hot tea inside. Books to read, warm bed to sleep. Someone to hug. Dreams to follow, hope in my breath ... Love in my eyes.

I think your idea of comfort sounds pretty wonderful! Please send me your contact info to:

I have another giveaway - a holiday theme - to do next week that I'll work into one of the posts. Thank you for stopping by tonight! Have a peaceful weekend! 

xo ~ Tara 

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Unknown said...

Hey!! So happy! Writting to you right now!