Nov 19, 2013

sweet november: light

So today's prompt was light. I've been thinking about this prompt for a few days, knowing that it was coming up, and I kept going back to the idea of sun light. I got up somewhat early - for me anyways!-  and took a couple of quick photos this morning as the light was filtering in through the windows down stairs. This is my little reading corner. It's also our tv room, but since I don't watch tv I made my own corner filled with magazines and my old comfy chair. Even Chase has his mini leather chair there, although he likes to use the space to plug in his I-pod and play. Someday though, he will join me in reading. 

 I realized a couple of things about myself when looking at these photos:
1. I like natural colors and textures - especially shades of cream/brown
2. I've collected alot of random things from our travels 

Even the mini dog blends in to the room! 
I filled 2 large glass jars up with the driftwood we painted this summer in Oregon and stuck them next to the tv. I love seeing them out, it reminds me of fun times being had on the beach! 

and guess who got her old camera out! 

xo ~ Tara

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