May 10, 2010

a bit nutty? or just prepared?

I'm a list maker. I have at least 2 notebooks with me at all times, to write things down, notes, ideas, schedules, daily agenda's..... you know, important stuff. Lists make me feel organized and more in control of situations. Which is always a good thing, because with 2 little people and work, you need to have some sense of control. Right?

I also make weekly menu plans. Surely I'm not the only one that does this. I have friends coming to stay with us this weekend, and I sent over my menu outline for what would be served during their stay with us, and her husband said that I was nutty. (Hopefully he was just joking.)

So this leads me to ask, how many people make a menu for what they cook throughout the week?

want to see the menu in question?

Friday Dinner:
Chicken Enchiladas in a tomatillo sauce
fresh guacamole and salsa


Belgium Waffles w/ apple butter & strawberry jam
fresh fruit
orange juice

Basil & Mozzarella pizzas

Petite steaks
garden salads
baked potato's


maple sausage
country potato's
sourdough toasts w/ apple butter & strawberry jam

in or out? (if in grilled eggplant on baguettes or BLTA)

Italian grilled Chicken
garden salad
fruit salad
baguette with garlic butter
sautéed mushrooms


LollyChops said...

I wish I were that organized! You are not nutty at all!

Tinkertaylor said...

This sounds delicious any spare places? I don't go to this length, just a general idea of what we're eating that week. But I start my day by making a list and I always include at least 2 things that I'm about to do so that I can cross them off and feel that sense of achievement. I also carry over any unfinished items to the next list.
ps I don't think you're nutty, organisised but not nutty

Ginny said...

I always plan meals before shopping, but not for each specific day - just sometime during the week. But if I have guests or a big family dinner, I always plan my menus & then put it on the refrigerator. That's the only way I can stay organized & not forget to serve everything. Your menu sounds yummy, can I come visit?

Unknown said...

Sounds Good to me....I sorry what time did you say I should be there?...It really sounds nice. I am sure your guests will enjoy.


Christina said...

lol. I'm going to say nutty, too:) BUT if it's how you work, that's how you work.

I remember being at an event for my son and watching the mom in front of me organize. She had about eight different Post-Its of various colors, along with a day planner and a yellow notepad. She had some kind of method to her madness as she crossed things off here, wrote other stuff there ... It looked to me at the end that she had more than she started with, though:)

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Jan B said...

I always plan my meals ahead - and the days we're going to have what as well. I'm a pretty good cook, but I'm not "creative on the fly". And having guests in, I would especially not want to be wondering what I was going to fix for dinner. So I am right there WITH ya! :)

Vanessa said...

I am a menu planner..but oy! your menu looks so much better than mine!