May 30, 2010

weekend paint colors

I had this spectacular idea last week, to start doing a weekly post on just color combinations. It could be fun.... I'll call it the "Saturday color combo." (I know, it's Sunday, but let's pretend it's Saturday. I ended up being much busier yesterday than I had planned.)

So, this weeks color combo is:

Barbie Pink - Water Melon - White - Black

I've been noticing this combo in magazines lately especially mixed with 80's-ish floral prints. Pretty and bold! It was the inspiration I needed to make this little notebook from a large photo transparency.

I read the comments from lasts weeks post, and I have to say Marigold and anything light colored mixed together, is one of my favorites! I find myself trying add a little burnt yellow/Marigold to all of my projects. It's one of my go-to colors!

I'm writing a summer-project tutorial at the moment, check back soon for that and happy Memorial weekend!


Danielle said...

What a great combo!!!! I love it :) (where do you get that frog thingy that you hold the paint chips on? with the little spikes on it?)

That book is GORGEOUS!!! I love the big photo negative and the beautiful big pink flowers :) AMAZING book!

Oh, and I can't wait for the tutorial :) It's going to be fabulous :D (I know it!!!)

Helena - A Diary of Lovely said...

oooh love it, so refreshing!!!
Great idea!!!

Vanessa said...

I love this color combo-it is SHARP!

Your cover on the book is fabulous..lots of that!


Nia said...

Oooooooh- yummy colour combos! Is the notebook for sale? I would LOVE it xoxo

Alicia Clinton said...

love the idea of your color combination post series. it's always interesting to see how people pair colors and i just love your inspiration magazine piece and the project you made with the colors. very lovely! you are a very gifted and talented lady, Tara!