May 17, 2010

the happenings

photos were taken, paper was layered and sewn, smores were made, thrifting was accomplished, ukulele's were played and we stayed up entirely too late, chatting and laughing. Jessica and I got to spend some times crafting!! because really, what else would 2 crafty souls do? I made her a book cover for her travel journal. (thank goodess for saving leftover scrap paper, you can whip something cute up in no time.) She had one color request for yellow+teal+orange, which lead to our many discussions throughout the weekend, about my disdain for orange at the moment, but for Jessica, I couldn't say no.

Prior to their arrival, I made them a little welcome basket for their room. I love the idea of creating a B&B type atmosphere, and it's just something simple to make your guests feel comfortable while they stay in your home.

Jessica and Jeff are truly talented and wonderful people. Jeff was fantastic with the kids, (he may or may not want this shared) but... Alaina talked him into playing Barbies more than once throughout the weekend. It was cute, she was so smitten with him.

So, my new travel/crafty friends departed yesterday. I'll miss them both, Jessica's company and Jeff's awesome ukulele playing!!


Antonia Krajicek said...

Sounds like a magical and entertaining weekend :)

j. wilson said...

it was a delightfully magical and entertaining weekend!

Christina said...


SO beautiful! As if I had to say so (for the totally oblivious dunderheads.)

You're *so* lucky I'm boycotting Arizona (despite having gone to grad school there) or you'd have to make about 4,031 more baskets for all the folks who'd follow me after. hee hee

Seriously. Thank you!! TY for the TTV lesson (so smart and so totally-makes-sense-now-I-get-it! ... YES!!) and for the amazing music and inspiration:) I sing along every time I log in.

Oh, wait. My singing is meant to be a compliment, not a threat.


I really do appreciate the beauty you bring to my life through your blog. I feel very lucky indeed to have found it and become your FB buddy!

Let me know if you guys ever have the hankering to come to Seattle and *I'll* be ready, with my own little nifty welcome basket and escort to the local scrapbooking and junk store finds;)

Anna @ IHOD said...

you take such beautiful photos.
sounds like a wonderful weekend!

Danielle said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend with Jessica and her hubby! I'm glad you two hit it off so well <3

and toooooooooooooooo cute that he played Barbies with Alayna :) I don't think anyone could say no to that adorable little girl :)

The Sonboul's said...

I love your projects on this post. You have such a fun and colorful style! I love it!