May 22, 2010

it's Saturday,

and I wish I was doing something interesting today, like making anything with that bottle of gesso that keeps calling my name.... but I'm not. I'm cleaning and preparing the house for the next group of house guests that arrive tomorrow. May is certainly proving to be a very busy month!! So, while I take a break from the seemingly endless piles of laundry this afternoon, I thought a little post about color combos would be fun!

I seem to come up with various color combos while I'm straightening up the house. Take for instance this photo of a little yellow urn filled with Alaina's jewelry and sunglasses.

These colors (yellow-pink-white-black) gave me the color inspiration to create this notebook:

and this card:

I'm easily distracted by possible color combos!! I even started to jot down a couple ideas for new projects, this morning, based on combining certain colors. Maybe a new Color Book is in order? Here's some of my favs at the moment;

fuchsia-light pink-white

What are your favorite color combinations and do they inspire what you create?


Danielle said...

I love that color combo pic of the sunglasses and the urn :)

right now, I'm loving lime green, black and silver (the colors of my new laptop)... it's beautiful and oh-so-inspiring!!!!

I hope you make another color-combo book! I love looking at those beautiful pictures that you take of it :) I can't get enough of your flickr albums of your creative pics!

Hello, I'm Vicki said...

ooh so cute, i love colour combos!! that card is fab xx

Alicia said...

Love the notebook! I totally want one!
I am loving gray, white and turquoise right now.

Melissa Mann said...

gorgeous!! such eye candy!

LRH said...

Love the card!! Great colors. My favorites right now: black, yellow, & white; purple and marigold; midnight blue, bright pink and yellow; and my possible wedding colors: violet, dark blue, and green.