Jun 10, 2012

to the zoo.

'As we go walking through the zoo
This is what we'll see,
Elephants and hippos
And Monkeys in a tree
Tigers roaring loudly,
Giraffes who stand so high,
Dolphins swimming freely,
and parrots in the sky
So let's all go walking, 
Having fun the whole day through, 
As we go on our field trip, 
To the friendly city zoo.'

author - Beverly Qualheim

and the 2 cutest zoo kids! They had been begging us to take them to the zoo and we lucked out and had one weekend where it wasn't blazing hot. So, off to the zoo we went! They had a great time too. We came home with 2 new zebra hats and enough cotton candy to feed the neighborhood. :) 


kandeland said...

such beautiful photos of the animals! love that first elephant one especially. xo

Anonymous said...

You are one brave momma to go to the zoo during this time of the year...I live in Gilbert, Az. We are hunkered down in our cool house for the next two months.