Feb 11, 2011

craft Friday

I just happen to think that birthday's are something to celebrate. No matter how old or young you happen to be, your birthday is worthy of recognition! A very good-crafty friend of mine is having a birthday soon and I wanted to make something cute and fun. After some debate and much wishy-washiness, I finally decided on making a prize-ribbon using a bunch of my favorite (hoarded) vintage fabrics.

(Having to photograph it was also a really good excuse to play in my closet! I'm also noticing a pattern in my craft & clothing color choices. Grey-yellow-kraft-cream is my current obsession!)

I plan on making one of these prize ribbons for Alaina when her birthday comes around, but in shades of pink and red. Or making a "special kid" award ribbon would be super cute too!! Alaina is the type of little person who would wear a prize pin everyday and would proceed to tell everyone how she earned it. She's quite the character!

Making Memories has a new line of prize ribbons, but they are quite simple to make on your own with just some basic scrapbook supplies. I'm all for using what you already have on hand!

In other non-craft-related news... I have a plan for Valentines Day dinner. The gold & pink glasses kind of inspired a Thai themed dinner. I'm going to attempt to have an early dinner outside, as long as the wind isn't blowing! Years ago, while I was visiting a friend in Berkeley we went to the Thai Buddhist Temple in Berkeley for Sunday brunch. If you get a chance to visit the Bay Area please put this on your to-do list, it's an incredible experience! Thai coconut sticky rice is one of my favorite desserts and I credit my Berkeley visit for that. :) I'm kind of excited too, it's been a little while since I've cooked a themed dinner!!


andrea creates said...

the ribbons are really pretty! have to go check that making memories link now-thanks for sharing :)

Danielle said...

WOW!!!!! I just love that ribbon <3 It's super cute and the colors are fabulous <3

Anonymous said...

Adding those to my to-do-ta-da list! Thanks Tara!

Everlasting Blooms said...

I can see why you are obsessed with those colors, because they are adorable! LOVE the ribbon, also another cute idea.

~ Happy Friday to you!

curlyqmosaics said...

Absolutely fabulous prize ribbon! Love the vintage fabrics and the colors! So yummy!