Feb 4, 2011

my favorite part

I love this part of my day. When the dishes have all been washed and put away, the kitchen is clean, the kids are tucked into bed and I get to sit down, with a warm cup of Chai tea, and spend some me-time. The house would be perfectly quiet if not for the Sun's game playing in the background.
Still, it's relatively quiet.

and it's Friday. There's something about Fridays that's kind of exciting for me. Maybe because it's one more day until our weekend! The salon's busiest day of the week is always Saturday (isn't that true for every salon!), so our weekend-family day is always just Sunday. I'm thinking maybe a trip to the park may be in order! I also have my fingers crossed that I get to have a salon day some day soon, my hair desperately needs it!

This morning I spent a little time working on just one more Valentine. I think I have mine ready to be mailed!! Hopefully on Monday, a few little packages will be on their way. I've been checking out the Valentines that everyone left me a link for and they are lovely!! It will be a very happy mail day soon!

Guess what I found yesterday while snooping through Peter's wine cabinet!! :) I must have put these in there at least 4 or 5 years ago, tucked away in the very back of the cabinet and I forgot all about them. Thank goodness for snooping! Aren't they beautiful and I adore the color combo red - pink and gold! Such a fantastic surprise! I'd like to note that my curiousity usually, if not always, gets the best of me, but in instances such as this one, I will happily admit to it!

I'm now trying to think of something special for a Valentines Day dinner, just so I can use all of my new found dishes! I need a cute idea for dessert too.... let the planning begin! Do you make a special dinner at home or do you go out?
~ I've finished my Chai tea, so I'm off to read a little and then for some beauty sleep. Sweet dreams!


Danielle said...

I think that's my favorite time of the day too ~ but I'm a night owl, so anytime when everyone's gone to sleep, I just LOVE!!!

WOW, those dishes are GORGEOUS!!!!!! What a great hiding spot too hehehehe :)

The valentine you made is soooooo beautiful xoxo

Anonymous said...

Love the red glass!
Hair day for me today and mailing some ATC's Sent my card in the mail the other day! Thanks for organizing this swap!
Love your blog!

Alicia said...

Love all your creations! My Valentine package will be in the mail by Monday!

Anonymous said...

Love the color scheme! So beautiful!

jamie said...

your valentines are beautiful. i linked one of them to my blog, just could not help myself.
you are terribly talented.

Anonymous said...

These are soooo cute Tara! I do say send me one if there are extras! Laugh. You're always finding a way of using fabric and I love it...thank you for inspiring me today! :)

Ann Cicilie said...

Oh, love that valentine creation!

I found one of your layouts in the new Entre Artistes Magazine, along with your blog adress, and had to check it out.

Glad I did - you're on my bloglist now! Love your style <3