Feb 1, 2011

an ode to food

well, maybe not an ode but how about a post dedicated to food. Lately I've been caught complaining a bit about being bored with cooking. I feel like I need new ideas, something fresh and inspiring. Of course, I get into a.... cooking slump right around this time every year. Winter blues? Maybe.(You can laugh at me or roll your eyes, it's 70 degrees here and I call it winter because I'm freezing!) It could also be the lack of really good fresh fruit and vegetables at our stores right now too?

A couple of weeks ago I sat, by myself, in a crowded hospital waiting room and because it was Monday I was working on my menu plan for the week. (I love waiting rooms! I'm always alone and people don't tend to bother you or ask questions, it's rather perfect for getting tedious tasks accomplished!) Remember this post? - Yep, I make a weekly menu plan with 3-6 meals per day. (Why 3-6 meals, the kids don't always eat the same thing Peter and I do, so sometimes I make them their own breakfast-lunch and dinner. I know, it's like the first mommy-101 no-no, but I do it anyway.)

It probably does sound crazy, but I plan ahead for 2 good reasons.

1. I hate the grocery store, and will only go once a week. So I don't want to forget anything because no matter what it is, I'm not going back until the following Monday.

2. I drive a massive gas-guzzling SUV, so any time I can conserve on fuel I will do so! Which is why I make one big trip to the grocery store a week.

I was doing the math in my head as I sat there, 4.5 meals on average a day x 7 days a week x 52 weeks............ oh my word! Can that be right? That doesn't include dessert either! That is a crazy amount of meals to be making... and to think of ahead of time. No wonder I'm bored and feel like I need something new, it's because I do!!

So, to remedy the slight boredom I've come face to face with, I was thinking that maybe I would do a little challenge. A personal challenge, but something that I could post to my blog. I haven't thought of anything spectacular quite yet. Maybe I'll start with posting my dinner menu for the week and adding recipes here and there. My mom is always asking for recipes and maybe this way it will force me to try some new dishes?

I was talking with a friend today about my little cooking dilemma and her answer was to eat out more. I love my friends. I just need to find a great way to challenge myself & my love of cooking again!


Fauve Design said...

I don´t like cooking...Maybe i´m just lazy!But we do have a few favorites,so maybe we should do a recipe swap??? :)

Colette said...

I love cooking and am addicted to cookery books, especially ones that have interesting little stories attached. I am particulary loving Sophie Dahl and Bill Granger at the moment. I look forward to seeing some of your recipes, I love trying other peoples ideas. I know how easy it is to get in a rut with cooking and demoralising it is when your kids won't eat the food you eat!

Jennifer Chapin said...

I would love to see your menu plans! I always think it's interesting to see what others are making for dinner...plus it gives me new ideas. I follow a lot of food blogs and that always keeps things fresh. I plan my meals every week also. Much easier and like you, I'm only going to the store once a week! :)

Anonymous said...

I can understand the "winter slump" The only fruit I seem to eat in the winter are apples and making smoothies with all the frozen bananas I have.
I would love a recipe swap! Light a fire!

Archaeologist said...

I love cooking especially baking. We went vegetarian for 3 weeks recently and it was a challenge to find new sources of protein and try new recipes. My first time eating acorn squash (baked with butter and honey in the bowl of the halved squash).! Can't wait to see some of your recipes!

Dana Gustafson said...

Ha ha! Your meal math made me break out in a bit of a nervous sweat....the "what are we having for dinner" question always makes me a little cranky. lol! menu planning rocks though! I'm with you, one grocery trip each week !

Thinkie said...

I am laughing at you actually (in a nice way, off course!), 70 degrees is what we get on many summerdays here in the Netherlands, I wish our building's central heating would allow 70 degrees inside... But I'm with you on the cooking slump! We have quite a collection of recipebooks and -magazines, I only use a couple of them, I'm thinking I should do something about that!
And that thing you do, making seperate meals for your kids? I sometimes do that for my husband! I should start thinking about dinner now, so glad I only have to plan for one meal a day!