Feb 2, 2011

today I:

- organized a box of Chases old toys
- called my mom
- called my Grandma
- emailed another one of my Grandmas
- painted little buttons

- mailed out a cute little package to a flickr friend
- cuddled with the dogs today (it was record breaking freezing here today, we're not use to it!)

- had 2 cups of Chai tea
- spent Chases naptime writing out a couple of new tutorials
- had Oreo's & milk for dessert with the kiddos

I meant to add this to last nights post. My menu for the week! I'll start with yesterday's dinner since I can't remember all the way back to Monday. :)

Sauteed Chicken & Onions
Brown rice
Roasted yellow squash & zucchini

Grilled Eggplant sandwiches

Maple-mustard-soy sauce marinated Pork Tenderloin
Garden Salad
Corn Casserole
Sauteed Peas & almonds

Fish Taco's

Clam Chowder
Sourdough Bread
Garden Salad

Chinese Chicken Salad
roasted Green Beans

that should do it until Monday when the week and a new menu will start all over again! Oh, also if you have any photos of the Valentine that you made for the swap, I would love to see them!! Or if you already have them posted to your blog leave me the link!! I'm calling it an early night tonight. I suppose with the cold weather here, it made me a wee bit sluggish today. It would have been a great day to stay in bed and snuggle with the kids.... maybe tomorrow!


Danielle said...

YUMMY!!!! your menu sounds amazing :)

Oh, and those buttons ~ I'm in LOVE!!!!

Ayan said...

love the button! i read somewhere on your blog or flickr maybe that you bake your own buttons?? i would love to know how!

Anonymous said...

We had fish tacos last night!! Here is the link to my flickr page for the valentine I made.

Have a great day!!

Jennifer Chapin said...

My valentines are in this blog post:



Anonymous said...

Thank you Tara! Yes I did make the flower.

Unknown said...

How many valentines are we to send our "partner" in the exchange?

Brenda said...

Love your buttons and your menu sounds so yummy!
Here's the card i made for my blog partner:


Karey said...

I already sent my card and since I don't have a blog I didn't take a photo. Love to see everybody else's though