Feb 18, 2011

friday = almost there

it's Friday!!! <------ I just said this in my best opera voice. :) I'm happy to report that this week has gone by rather fast, even with anticipating a whole weekend of festivities planned! My cute friend Erica is coming to spend the weekend with us. I've decided that you are never to old for sleepovers!!
On the agenda is:
1. crafting
2. cooking
3. lot's of thrift store shopping
4. movie watching

Having a weekend house-guest can only mean one thing - a little welcome basket! I suppose a little welcome bag would be a more fitting description. I filled it with some things I thought would be useful for this weekend; Tylenol, mint-gum, frosting flavored chapstick, handi-wipes. -(being around dusty stuff can make my skin crawl and I often go through an entire container of disinfectant wipes on the weekend when I'm out thrifting. I thought they would come in useful this weekend! :)) I plan on adding a couple of bottles of water and few new magazines and if I have time I was going to make a little itinerary for the weekend. Yep, I'm a dork, but I totally own it!

I also kept this little soap box (because it was gorgeous!!) and because tiny boxes can come in really handy when packaging small items. I tucked little bottles of shampoo-conditioner into the soap box and tied on a small bar of oatmeal soap.

*Erica is the queen of cupcakes!! and I made the fabric cupcake last week with the welcome tag/bag in mind just for her!

Little Chase and I were tidying up the spare bedroom yesterday and I found all sorts of cool stuff... some things I wasn't even looking for! Like having a mini Christmas in February. :) but when I pulled out an envelope and found his ultrasound photos & videos from 3 separate ultrasounds it was especially sweet. It doesn't seem that long ago and yet,

3 years later here we are. I was talking to a very good friend last night about Chase and the differences between him and Alaina. It's incredible having 2 children that have completely separate personalities. Alaina is just like Peter - an extrovert who loves being out & about socializing, and Chase is very much like me kind of quiet and reserved. However, both of my kids are very stubborn and that's all me!

This was our second spectacular discovery from yesterday. I have a small collection of doilies and granny squares that are mostly thrifted. They're all over the place, some in my closet, a few in the spare bedroom. :) I have no idea what I'm going to do with them yet, but they make me ridiculously happy to look at. :)

If you get a chance, I have a new tutorial on the Crate Paper blog. I've been making a bunch of these recently. Alaina has had a birthday party to attend almost every weekend now, and glittery flowers are always good for gift wrapping!!

I'm off to tackle the rest of my to-do list today. Lot's of cleaning, a little grocery shopping (I'm going to attempt to make Pad Thai for dinner on Saturday, I'm on bit of a Thai kick lately) and some shipping.... and possibly returning a few emails. Hope you have a lovely weekend! I should be popping back in and posting some fun photos of our weekend. I'm so looking forward to having fun!


Unknown said...

Wow can I come be ur guest! LOL! You are a dandy hostess my friend. Love your ideas and your boy is a cutie pie. Have loads of fun with your friend! xoxo

aprilmariecole.blogspot.com said...

Very adorable...
I would love to be your guest!
Thank you for sharing, always a treat :]

Bonnie said...

lovely parcel you put together! Enjoy your weekend!!

Sarah said...

I totally want to be your guest- that little bag is SO cute! :) Have a great time thrifting! :)

Vintage Indie said...

I love the top picture, so cute!

Paz said...

What a very lucky house guest!! I love how you put so much care into her stay. Your son is such a cutie!!!