Dec 24, 2011

8 things I love: Saturday


Today has felt like a Sunday. All day infact! Peter never has Saturday's off, so today both of us kept correcting the other regarding what day of the week it really was. :) So tonight, before it really is Sunday, I'm posting my list!

my 8 things list:

1. white t-shirts
2. faded blue jeans
3. cozy grey sweater
4. stripe scarf
5. white ballet flats
6. red plaid bag
7 & 8. coral and gold jewelry (quite possibly my favorite combination, it's an unexpected color choice but I like that it stands out!)

This morning we took the kids to see Santa..... exciting right? Yeah, not so much. Only one was excited to see him, apparently my youngest had better things to do with his morning. It never fails either. I think every Santa photo is of Alaina smiling and Chase either crying, not in the photo at all, or staring off into space. Good times.

Alright, I have milk, cookies and a frozen pizza to put out for Santa tonight. Yep, that's right I said frozen pizza. Alaina was concerned about Santa having too much dessert and not enough dinner. Pizza, to a 7 year old, seemed like a practical choice because after all, who doesn't like pizza?

Happy Christmas Eve!

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