Dec 7, 2011

a late night sneak-peek

Ok, so instead of scrapbooking today, which I really wanted to do, I put together a petite gift wrapping kit. I spent much of my morning making flowers and playing with my type-writer, getting ready for a fun event that's soon to take place! I'm excited to be participating in a crafty blog-hop where I'll be gifting my creation here on my blog!

Here's a sneak-peek of what I have planned~ check back this Saturday for a very merry be-gifted giveaway! (say that 3 times fast!) ;)

Tomorrow is "find the most perfect ornament for my bestest" day and then it's on to the giftwrap selection. Every year, Peter and I do an ornament exchange for Christmas. Since there's nothing either one of us really needs, picking out a small ornament each year has carried so much more meaning than any last minute gift could. Whether it's just a silly ornament (like the tv dinner tray ornament a couple years back) or more meaningful (like the mommie owl with her baby for my first Chirstmas with Alaina) I really look forward to our ornament exchanges! So this year, I've decided Christine and I will start an annual tradition and do an ornament exchange! (I'm secretly super excited to be choosing an ornament for another girl~ there are so many cute girly options!)

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marianne-g said...

Can't wait for the big reveal. It looks yummy.